D7 VJ Device Description
640x480 version

This device is a browser based VJ tool that can mix flash format movies. Users can select any of 8 preset clips from the Dimension 7 library to mix with, or type in the specific internet address of a flash movie, starting with "http://" and ending in ".swf". It is designed for broadband users; it is not recommended for use on slow internet connections. Loading larger files will result in longer loading times. Slower processors will have a difficult time simultaneously rending flash animations at this large an image area.

1. Main window. Your VJ mix appears here.

2,3. Channel thumbnail previews. Clicking on these will enable a row of preset animation thumbnails in the bottow of the main window (1) and enable the URL window (6) and LOAD button (8). Whichever side you select will be updated with whatever appears in the URL window when "LOAD" is pressed.

4. Preset transitions. Clicking any one of the 8 rounded buttons will automatically wipe to the other channel with an effect overlay.

5. Crossfader. Click and drag this to mix channels (2 and 3). Clicking on the crossfader during a preset transition will terminate the transition.

6. URL window. Click on it to activate it, or click 2, 3 or 8. Any flash movie URL ending in .swf can be loaded; type in full address starting with http:// and ending in .swf. Selecting a preset animation from the thumbnails at the bottom of window will update this field.

7. Skin selector. This toggles between various colored cases for the device. Every other click restores original device coloring.

8. LOAD button. If "LOAD" is not visible, clicking on this button will activate the URL window(6) and preset thumbnails in the main window. When "LOAD" is visible, clicking on it will stream whatever URL is in the URL window into the channel thumbnail (2 or 3) last selected.

note: There are no audio controls built into this unit.
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